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large_DSC01344.JPGlarge_DSC01414.JPGlarge_DSC01385.JPGlarge_DSC01330.JPGlarge_DSC01422.JPGlarge_DSC01325.JPGlarge_717262c0-5b3b-11e8-abd0-71f133809a7d.JPGlarge_DSC01353.JPGlarge_DSC01413.JPGlarge_DSC01367.JPGlarge_DSC01369.JPGlarge_DSC01320.JPGlarge_DSC01360.JPGBy ferry from Limmasol (today there are no ferries between Greece and Cyprus. but there are ferries between Turkey and North Cyprus).
And by ferry to Athen (today it is cheaper to take a plane)

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By boat (today it is cheaper by air) to Athen.large_DSC01267.JPGlarge_DSC01275.JPGlarge_7f400eb0-5b3c-11e8-abd0-71f133809a7d.JPGlarge_DSC01269.JPGlarge_7e8179a0-5b3c-11e8-815e-53c017cb8572.JPGlarge_DSC01268.JPGlarge_DSC01272.JPG
And by train via Thessaloniki to Sofia.

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