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Addis Abeba

large_P1030056.JPGlarge_P1030051.JPGlarge_P1030063.JPGlarge_P1030061.JPGlarge_P1030064.JPGlarge_05eccce0-5a62-11e8-b801-c36de620c576.JPGlarge_04f79770-5a62-11e8-b801-c36de620c576.JPGlarge_P1030050.JPGArriving at the airport of Addis Abeba, i got the visa quite fast for $ 20, since it was very early i walked to the place i had booked and did then some sightseeing. Later i did try to get a visa for Djibuti, since that embassy was rather unfriendly i left without. Getting around Addis Ababa is quite easy by minibuses (there are now also 2 light rail lines).
I did feel quite save walking around Addis Ababa, but at one point 2 guy's did try to pickpocket me, as they where rather unprofessional that was not a problem. large_03a17d50-5a62-11e8-b801-c36de620c576.JPG
The food in Ethiopia is excellent and very different to other food.
Was then going by bus to Harar.

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large_P1030008.JPGlarge_P1020988.JPGlarge_P1030001.JPGlarge_P1020996.JPGlarge_P1020986.JPGlarge_P1020994.JPGlarge_P1030007.JPGlarge_P1030004.JPGlarge_P1030005.JPGlarge_P1030002.JPGThe bus to Harar was quite comfortable (there where 2013 only 2 companies running good buses in Ethiopia otherwise it is rather cramped transportation).
Today there is a new Chinese built train line from Addis Abeba to Djibouti, I think it has also a stop in Dire Dawa, which is a short bus ride from Harar.
Harer is a very interesting old Muslim town and was founded somtime between the 9, and 11, century and florishing in the 16, century and allmost conquered christian Ethiopia followed by a slow decline, was then conquered 1875 by egypt and in 1887 by Ethiopia. Harer lost its comercial importance with the construction of the Addis Abeba to Djibuti railway.

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Dire Dawa

large_P1030032.JPGlarge_P1030024.JPGlarge_P1030022.JPGDire Dawa is not the most interesting place, but as far as i know the railway is now operating again, convenient for getting from Addis Ababa to Harer.
large_P1030027.JPGlarge_P1030025.JPGlarge_P1030026.JPGI had an other unsuccessful try to get a visa for Djibouti, there is a consulate in Dire Dawa.
With the new railway line it might be necessary to stay overnight in Dire Dawa the African Village Hotel & Restaurant has also a good restaurant and WiFi. About 1,5 km west of the center, 800 m past the Djibouti Consulate on a street parallel to the railway line.

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large_P1030183.JPGlarge_P1030107.JPGlarge_P1030174.JPGlarge_P1030178.JPGlarge_P1030182.JPGlarge_P1030109.JPGlarge_P1030153.JPGlarge_P1030185.JPGlarge_P1030157.JPGlarge_P1030154.JPGlarge_P1030105.JPGlarge_P1030143.JPGlarge_P1030147.JPGlarge_P1030160.JPGlarge_P1030176.JPGlarge_P1030169.JPGlarge_P1030111.JPGlarge_P1030144.JPGGonder was founded by Emperor Menas in 1559 and the town served as Ethiopia's capital until Tewodros II moved the capital to Magadala in 1855, after that the city was several times plundered and burnt. Downtown Gondar shows the influence of the Italian occupation of the late 1930s in a simplified Italian moderne style.
See the Fasil Ghebbi, the remains of a royal fortified city that was founded by Fasilides, emperor from 1632 to 1667 with the Fasilides' Castle, Iyasu's Palace, Dawit's Hall, Mentewab's Palace and some other buildings.
Fasilides Bath on the other side of the town.
Debre Birhan Selassie Church on the eastern outskirts of town built in the 17. century.
Around the Atse Tewodros Square the Italiens left some Art Deco colonial buildings.
I stayed at the Belegez Pension, a decent but simple place near the bus terminal and the fortified palace. There where also good restaurants and even a kind of beer garden nearby.

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large_P1030211.JPGlarge_P1030212.JPGlarge_P1030200.JPGlarge_P1030205.JPGlarge_P1030236.JPGlarge_P1030197.JPGlarge_P1030240.JPGlarge_P1030230.JPGlarge_P1030218.JPGlarge_P1030213.JPGlarge_P1030241.JPGlarge_P1030221.JPGlarge_P1030199.JPGlarge_P1030193.JPGlarge_P1030195.JPGWent then to Axum. The road is really spectacular.
By your ticket (about10 hours, only 1 bus per day) to Shire (where you have to change) the day before at the bus terminal in Gondar. If you have the ticket you can go in the terminal (and bus) a few minutes before the terminal opens to the general public. The bus was seconds after the terminal opened completely full. From Shire are frequent buses (1.5 hours) to Axum.
I was offered a private car for $ 75, it was not clear if minibus or something else, but with the road condition as it is the only advantage would have been to stop once in a while to make pictures.
Axum was allready known in roman times as the center of a marine trading power, its ruler converted to chrisianity around 356. In the 7. century a long decline started when the trading routes where taken over by arabs.
The most significant architectural achievement of Axum are the Stelae, up to 170 tonnes and 25 m high.

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