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large_P1020555.JPGlarge_P1020547.JPGlarge_P1020577.JPGlarge_IMG_0207.JPGI started this trip in Mwanza, Tanzania on the Lake Viktoria.
Mwanza is the second biggest town in Tansania.
The Bismarck Rock is a rather odd looking rock in the Victoria Lake close to te ferry station / Nasser road.
Went from there by bus to the Burundi border, and from there by minibus to Bujumbura.

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large_P1020605.JPGlarge_P1020611.JPGlarge_P1020617.JPGlarge_P1020625.JPGlarge_P1020619.JPGlarge_P1020627.JPGlarge_P1020621.JPGCame from Mwanza, Tanzania by bus to the border and then by minibus to Bujumbura.
It is the capital of Burundi on the Lake Tanganyika.
Local transportation by shared minibuses and motorbike taxies.
large_P1020629.JPGlarge_P1020633.JPGlarge_P1020631.JPGThe Musée Vivant (Living Museum of Bujumbura), 11 Avenue du 13 Octobre from the center towards the Lake Tanganyika, a mix of a small natural history museum and a zoo. Nearby are some restaurants with a great view of the lake.
Went on to Kigali, Rwanda by bus.

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large_P1020713.JPGlarge_P1020711.JPGlarge_P1020723.JPGlarge_P1020721.JPGlarge_P1020717.JPGFrom Bujumbura by bus and minibus via Kigali and Ruhengeri to Kisoro.
Had a daytrip to Bunagana in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in that time the border town was possible but the Virunga National Park was not possible, now (2018( possibl, expensive, not safe.
Stayed at the really nice Golden Monkey Guest House.
And by minibus to Kabale and bus to Kampala.

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large_P1020709.JPGlarge_P1020695.JPGlarge_P1020697.JPGlarge_IMG_0215.JPGlarge_IMG_0217.JPGlarge_P1020707.JPGlarge_P1020703.JPGlarge_P1020705.JPGlarge_IMG_0216.JPGlarge_P1020701.JPGHad a short trip over the Democratic Republic of Congo border to Bunangana. At other times it is also possible to visit the Parc National des Virunga for seeing the Chimpanzees and Gorillas (visa fee for this is $ 105 plus park fee, booked tour and accomodation, etc., spring 2018, but not safe).
The road until the bord was excellent, and right from the border on one of the worst i have ever seen. There was a armed men from the immigration constantly with me, with a lot of things i was not allowed to take a picture.

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large_P1020729.JPGlarge_P1020727.JPGlarge_P1020735.JPGlarge_P1020737.JPGlarge_P1020739.JPGlarge_P1020725.JPGBy minibus from Kisoro to Kambale, then by bus to Kampala.
Kampala is the biggest town in Uganda, get around with Matatus (shared minibuses) and Boda Bodas (motorbike taxies).
And by bus to the Kenia border and on to Kisumu.

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